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Colette Barcilon, President

Colette found a passion for art as a child traveling throughout Europe with her family. Educated in France and Switzerland, Colette started her career as a Personal Assistant in Lausanne, Switzerland where she met a young artist: Roger Barcilon. They soon married and Colette quickly became an indispensable business manager and agent for Roger’s freelance advertising and publishing work. She and Roger opened the original Gemini School of Illustration (located in Thatcham, England) in 1984 and Colette turned her attention to the school, managing recruiting and admissions. She also taught business ethics and art licensing classes while helping students learn to sell their own artwork to publishers and agencies throughout Europe.

In 1999 Colette moved with Roger to the US to open The Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication. After she arrived in the States, Colette spent nearly three years focused on the school’s site selection, renovation and state licensing process. The Gemini School of Visual Arts and Communication was officially licensed and opened in October 2003.

Now as President of the Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication, Colette leads recruitment, admissions and the regulatory departments. For our international students, Colette is fluent in, French, Italian and Spanish.

Roger Barcilon, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Roger graduated from the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes in Barcelona, Spain. He has been a professional illustrator in the advertising and publishing industries for most of his life, and when not in the classroom teaching he continues to produce work for these industries. His previous client list includes major advertising agencies throughout the US and Europe where his illustrations were used in campaigns for L’Oreal de Paris, Coca Cola, Pirelli, Gillette, Omega Watches, Alfa Romeo and many more. His later work can be seen on video game art (XMEN Legends, Enter the Matrix, Ghost Recon2, Dead to Rights, Metal Gear Solid 3 etc) and in national consumer publications and advertisements.

As a renowned European fine artist, Roger has exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas where many of his paintings hang in private collections. Roger has the honor of being included in the Italian Encyclopedia of Art “II Commanducci”.

As Vice President of the Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication, Roger enjoys teaching a new breed of commercial artists. “Today one of my greatest satisfactions is seeing a young artist grow and mature into a successful professional. It’s a joy to see them succeed and produce art that I would never have dreamt of doing at such a young age.”