Our rigorous integrated art and technology training program teaches students to master traditional drawing and painting, helping them to then apply those skills to cutting-edge design software in our state of the art Digital Media Lab.


Our visual art studies curriculum will give you the essential skills you’ll need to work in the video game, advertising, publishing, or filmmaking industries as Concept Artists, Illustrators, Storyboard Artists or Fine Artists.

DRAW I – Drawing I: Students will learn how to sketch from life and apply classical principles of light, form and balance of tone and contrast to drawings. They will learn how to draw three-dimensional forms and how to use artist’s tools and techniques to create accurate pencil drawings. (00/00/270=270).


Prerequisites: none.

DRAW II – Drawing II: Expands on techniques and skills learned in DRAW I; students learn how to integrate their knowledge of movement and proportion into their drawings; they learn to draw pencil figure sketches from life and from memory and to execute figure drawings from classic statue reference. (00/00/300=300).

Prerequisites: DRAW I.

PAINT I – Painting and Illustration I: Students will learn how to apply basic painting and composition techniques, and to integrate and demonstrate basic theories of color and composition. They will learn how to use a combination of drawing, painting tools and techniques to illustrate simple concepts. (00/00/318=318).

Prerequisites: DRAW II

ANAT – Anatomy: Students will learn how to identify the different proportions, attitudes, positions and movements of the human body in order to apply them to drawing and painting. (00/12/00=12).


Prerequisites: DRAW I.

PAINT II – Painting and Illustration II: Students will learn how to integrate drawing and painting techniques with color theory to produce complex still life paintings; they will learn to paint figures and accurate interiors. (00/00/606=606).


Prerequisites: PAINT I.

PERSP – Perspective: Students will learn to draw and design objects, buildings and landscapes in perspective. (00/10/50=60).


Prerequisites: DRAW I.

CGRAPH I – Computer Graphics & Illustration I: Students will learn to identify and use basic image editing tools in industry standard image manipulation software, to integrate digital peripheral tools into illustration development process, and to use the Internet as a research tool. (00/00/180=180).


Prerequisites: PAINT I.

PHOTO – Photography: Students will learn to operate digital cameras, photograph people in complicated settings, properly operate and manipulate studio lighting, photograph landscapes and urban settings and reproduce artwork to professional quality. (00/03/51=54).

Prerequisites: PAINT I.

PAINT III – Painting and Illustration III: Students will learn to paint complex subjects of well-composed, proportioned figure(s), landscapes and interiors in atmosphere, develop a creative brief and solve design problems using a combination of drawing, painting and illustrative skills, apply, integrate and demonstrate advanced theories of color and composition, and achieve desired illustration results using mixed media techniques. (00/00/450=450).


Prerequisites: PAINT II

CGRAPH II – Computer Graphics & Illustration II: Students will learn to create characters and objects using advanced 3D modeling techniques, apply traditional drawing and painting techniques to the digital medium, use industry standard imaging software, store, backup and archive files, create textures for characters and objects, learn the principles of design as applied to product development, develop character personality using morph targets and sliders, create digital concept art for characters, vehicles, props and environments for video games & entertainment media, use the Internet as a resource. (00/00/450=450).


Prerequisites: CGRAPH I.

PAINT IV – Painting and Illustration IV: Students will learn to create complex color layouts from briefs using speed-painting techniques, analyze precise creative briefs and develop professional quality illustrations from initial sketch to final product meeting all brief requirements and deadlines, execute briefs competently using a variety of painting media and techniques, execute to a professional level artwork for book illustration, advertising illustration, storyboarding for the film industry, portraiture, magazine illustration, cover art, video games illustrations, and paint for exhibitions. The aim of producing all of the above will be to build up their final portfolios. (00/00/180=180).


Prerequisites: PAINT III.

CGRAPH III – Computer Graphics & Illustration III: Students will learn to accurately pose and light characters and objects in a variety of situations, combine 3D modeling and Photoshop techniques to produce high-level digital illustrations, apply traditional techniques to produce digital illustrations, use digital software to produce advanced painting effects, develop advanced digital concept art for product and entertainment design. (00/00/714=714).


Prerequisites: CGRAPH II.

BIZ – Business Practices: Students will learn how to search for clients including making contacts and interviewing, search for a job, write a resume, search and select an artist representative, build up personal reference archive, be ethical, be aware of general copyright laws, billing and record keeping. (00/06/=06).


Prerequisites: PAINT III.

Summer Program:
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