We are one of the best art schools in the US.


Don’t take our word for it. Students and industry leaders rate Gemini School of Visual Arts as one of the best art schools in the US.



“Great art school! It might be fun but it's also hard work!”

Kitty G.

“The best school in the state by far that teaches applicable skills for the industry. Wish I knew about this place years ago!”

Deena P.

“5 stars.”

Shawn M.



“Currently a student... A freshman at 44 years old! This is the beginning of the second half of my life and I am so excited. I can't wait to wake up every morning to go to school. I've learned more here in a month than I had in a year of art classes at Baylor. It feels like a family too. Students currently range from 19 to now me in my 40s... Can't wait to see what happens with my art over the next 4 years!”

Jennifer Z.


“The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive, and rewarding for an artist. In that environment, learning from masters such as Roger the proper classical knowledge, is what makes the difference between amateurism and professionalism. Gemini has the ability to carry artists that have a talent, and launch them into the professional world. Few places can offer so many years of experience, especially in such a great place as Austin.”

David Levy
Visual Director
Founder, Steambot Studios

“Hello Colette,
Very nice to “virtually” meet you and personally thank-you for a great school; we have had some fantastic artists from Gemini and would like to continue on with this tradition!

Best, Paul”

Paul Weaver
Senior Director, Studio
Junction Point

“I just wanted to send you and the rest of the staff at Gemini a thank you for inviting me to your incredible school and letting me talk about animation to your students. I have just been gushing to everyone I see about how incredible your school is and how completely blown away I was with the talent and quality of the work your students are producing. You may find me popping in from time to time just to get inspired by your students and work as a means of recharging my creative cells!”

Joe Mandia
Senior Animator
Sony Online Entertainment

“I have immense respect for what you’re doing and the caliber of students you’re graduating!”

Warren Spector
President, General Manager
Disney Interactive Studios

“The The Austin Chamber of Commerce is now five years into an economic development program that includes a digital media recruitment initiative to bring new film, music, gaming and interactive companies to Central Texas. The Austin region is already a digital media powerhouse, which can be attributed to incredibly creative and progressive educational, cultural and business environments.

Part of Austin’s attractiveness to existing companies and anyone considering relocation to Austin is the quality of education that feeds our arts, entertainment and media industries. It is institutions like the Gemini School for Visual Arts that create the world class fine arts and digital media workforce pipelines on which our local companies rely. The Chamber of Commerce works with gaming, art, design & development studios and is always proud to introduce them to Cynthia McGrail and the incredible instructional team at Gemini. The dedicated leaders at Gemini are creating the professional artists and visionaries of our future creative class.”

Tony Schum
Austin Chamber of Commerce
Director, Economic Development

“The Gemini School prepares people for an artistic career. The classically based curriculum enables students to refine their creativity and bridge the digital divide. In addition, students are trained to manage their artistic careers and potentially build their own businesses. Gemini is interested in the development of your imagination.”

Kirk D. Clennan, CEcD
Director, Economic Development

“Greetings,I had such a nice time visiting with you and your artists yesterday. Thanks once again for your time and allowing me to enter your circle of trust……

I am convinced we’re going to build a long term – quality relationship that benefits both of our programs. In speaking to several people here – we all support the idea of Disney somehow sponsoring your school – in hopes we can make it official so you can start to recruit more talent. And we win because we’d like to find spots for your talent….

I can easily see an art team that moves between projects that exceeds 60+ artists – so we’ll both benefit from this relationship. But as crazy and selfish as this may sound, I feel I’ve gained a new family here in Austin. I honestly felt like a duck out of water here until I met all of you. I almost want to move into that school and just volunteer my time to be a part of your group. But aside from my wants and needs I am going to very quickly find ways to get Disney involved so I can start helping your school. =)

I look forward to our next steps.”

Warmest regards

Brad Pollard
Studio Art Director
Disney / Junction Point Studios